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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wise boy, you are!

Lately, Evan has been very interested in my college days. He is going to be our child who goes to college to have a good time. He loves to be around people. He asked if I ever dated anyone other than Mark. He's seen my scrapbooks from Baylor but he thought those "other guys" were Mark. Anyway, while at the Lady Bears game on Saturday, we ran into an old flame and I introduced Evan to him. Afterwards, I asked Evan if he thought I had made a good choice choosing Mark. As I expected, he said I did but I could tell that he was still thinking. A while later, he told me that he couldn't say for sure that I had made a good choice because it is not only what is on the outside that matters. He said he didn't know the other guy well enough to make a judgement. WOW! All that from a 6 year old boy.


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