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Thursday, December 15, 2005

May the Force be with you!

I feel the need to share this with you. Not only because I am a registered and licensed dietitian but because I am such a huge Star Wars fan. I hope you enjoy the show and learn the importance of living the organic way. It's a bit long so beware!

Another eye opener


At 12/15/2005 1:34 PM, Anonymous Brennon said...

I think someone's got waaaaay too much time on their hands!

At 12/15/2005 10:43 PM, Blogger TheCrazySquirrel said...

Whats funny is I had that same suit on last Friday at a professors house!!! That thing rocks.

At 12/16/2005 1:19 PM, Blogger mark said...

what's even scarier is that I'm not sure if i should believe you or not...


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