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Monday, December 12, 2005

My Little Mary

Lindsay loves to sing and dance. I love to hear her sing especially in the shower. Her favorite tunes include "Tomorrow" from Annie, "Trust and Obey" and "Good Morning, God". She loved Waco Christmas Celebration. She was in heaven with all the music. She was singing along most of time. She whispered to me that she wants to be Mary when she gets bigger. Meredith did a beautiful job as Mary. Lindsay was not only impressed with her singing but says that she is a great babysitter as well. Lindsay also said that she wants to be "the girl in the red dress." For those who didn't get to attend Waco Christmas Celebration, "the girl" sang a solo, Happy Birthday Jesus. Lindsay is already practicing. Watch out, Chuck, she'll be ready in about five years!

Today, one of Lindsay's dreams came true! She got to be Mary. The production was much smaller but just as fun! Museum time focused on the Christmas story and then of course, they got to visit with Santa. We've got to stop seeing Santa everywhere because each time, she tells him she wants something different. Santa is DONE with his shopping!


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