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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Obligatory Astros Post

As the game was ending to send the Astros to the World Series last night, Regina asked how many blogs were going to have something about the Astros. She assumed our's would be one of those. So here's my obligatory Astros post...

That's what an Astros game is supposed to look like:
-Dominant pitching- the leadoff guy only got on once and they only made it 2nd twice- once when they scored the run and a 2 out double by Walker
-Stellar defense- Everett made a spectacular diving stop and hopped right up to throw to 1st (and we'll take the tag on the throw that pulled Everett off the base)
-Timely hitting- no real big power numbers, but runners were bunted over and they got hits with runners on

Now, let's hope they can keep it up for a few more games and beat the White Sox!

Regina asked about the White Sox and their World Series history. She had not heard of the Black Sox, so she clearly didn't pay much attention when she saw Field of Dreams. Maybe we need to rent that and watch it. I don't think she's seen enough baseball lately...

Not that it matters, but this seems like as good a time as any to point out that I attended games this summer at all 3 of the Astros' teams in Texas- Corpus Christi Hooks (AA), Round Rock Express (AAA), and of course, Houston.

And another thing- what is it with baseball and fathers and sons? I know I have many friends who have been closely following the Astros and are thrilled about the victory. But I didn't call any of them. I called my dad after most playoff games (though I felt comfortable enough with a 4 run lead that I called after the 8th last night). Maybe it's becuase he was the first one to teach me about baseball- how to throw and catch, how to keep score, how to appreciate the details of baseball. Maybe it's because he took me to Astros' games growing up (and still does occasionally). Maybe it's because he's been suffering through Astros' (sometimes referred to as the disAstros and/or lAstros) seasons since the franchise was started. Whatever the case- Thanks, Dad, for introducing me to this game. I know Regina appreciates it, too, because she's gotten to watch a lot of baseball lately...


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