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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A new school year

All three kids are now in school. Everyone had a great first day despite a few bumps in the road. Lindsay woke up with a bloody nose. She was also too nervous to eat breakfast. She has practically grown up at Hillcrest PDS but being there all day is something new. There were no tears shed as we parted ways. She and seven of her Kindergarten classmates were stung by bees at recess. She was a trooper! She didn't even cry. I stopped by the school, gave her a Benadryl and she ran back to class. She was very proud to announce to me that she went to school for the first time, visited the school nurse for the first time and got her first bee sting all in the same day.

Evan and Drew are old pros. We got to school and they were off to their classrooms without much ado. Drew didn't even say goodbye. Anyone surprised? Of course not. Today was much calmer. I've been very anxious the last two days. I'm trying to relax. I rush to get my errands done forgetting that I have all day to do them. I've been home for the last 10 years with children. It's hard to believe we are in another season of life with our kids. The house is so quiet. The house stays clean all day. This only child is happy to have some peace and quiet. I miss the kids. I'm glad to see them at three. Our newest challenge: three kids trying to tell me about their day at the same time while I drive them home from school. We are going to have to draw straws to see who gets to talk first.

On another note, Annie opens in less than 48 hours! Rehearsals have ruled our lives. Lindsay is still really enjoying performing. If she didn't love it, I would have pulled her out long ago. I'm not impressed with the way the actors are handled. I think somewhere along the way, the director has forgotten that she is dealing with lots of little girls who have just started school. As I write this, the boys are asleep in bed and Lindsay is still at the theatre. Shame on them!


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