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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Little girls are not little boys (duh)

In the last five years, I've learned girls are so different from little boys. I know I'll never figure boys out. They think hitting each other is fun. They think anything associated with the bathroom is funny. They can watch endless sports on TV and even more puzzling they listen to games on the radio. One thing I love about boys is that they can be furious about something and in an instant forget about it and move on. As a mom of two boys, I've learned some things like the difference between baseball cleats and soccer cleats. I also know now that a cup isn't just something you drink out of or measure flour with to make chocolate chip cookies.

Though there are many joys associated with having boys, I LOVE having a daughter. Lindsay and I went to a dance shop to buy Jazz shoes last week. I felt so out of place. We were surrounded by pink things, leotards, tights, feathers, tutus. Lindsay was in heaven! She can hold her own around boys. She's tough. But I got to see another side of her. She was in her element. She surprised us all when she wanted to audition for Annie because she had to sing alone in front of a crowd. She overcame her shyness because this was something she really wanted to do.

Little girls are full of hugs. That's the best part. Painting nails, brushing hair and dressing in cute clothes are icing on the cake. Life is SO good.


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