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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Homecoming weekend was special because Mark's sister and her family were here from Corpus! The bonfire was neat-o! The kids loved the cool spinning ride and the inflatables. I thought the hot air balloon ride was an awesome experience. You will have to trust me that we are in the basket of the balloon. Our nieces seemed to love the bus ride from the Garage Mahal to the parking lot of the Ferrell Center the most. We stayed up late and got up early. Lindsay was so excited about getting candy at the parade. She risked life and limb to get every piece of candy she could get her hands on. Maybe she forgot about the huge stash of candy she already had at home from trick or treating in the dorm.

The boys don't care much for the parade. They found a friend and played football the whole time we were there. I guess parades are a little silly. I like the bands but there never seem to be many. There are plenty of girls in skimpy dresses freezing their tails off though. Some of the floats were really elaborate. Some were downright stinky--literally (think poop)! Nonetheless, we go every year to see old friends and for the sake of tradition.
Drew and Evan climbed "the rock" before the game. They found it to be more of a challenge than the expected. Because the rope was counterweighted, they were fighting the rope most of the time.
We thought we might have a chance to win the game but the game got ugly after halftime. The kids enjoyed visiting the skybox with ol' pal Bart Byrd and watching the game from up high. The unlimited ice cream and other snacks were a definite plus. We went to Salado after the game for some family time. The cousins always enjoy playing together.
We were glad to get an extra hour of sleep to help make up for the weekend activities. We were even able to wake up on time for early church.


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