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Monday, October 31, 2005

Update on Evan

I am so encouraged by those of you who continue to ask how Evan is doing and report that you are still praying for him. He is doing so much better. I have not noticed any staring or potential seizures in a long time. The nausea only occurs occassionally. We do still deal with the irrational behavior every once in a while. I think that he is better able to recognize when these fits are coming on and I think he is able to regain control more quickly now. Last week, I decided that we needed a family night at home with a nice meal, games, lots of books and lots of snuggling before bedtime. Evan didn't follow along with my plan. We sat down for dinner and he said there wasn't anything for him to eat. We offered him Meatloaf (which I detest but I made for the sake of the family): "NO!" How about a baked potato with all the trimmings: "NO!" Fruit salad: "NO!" White chocolate dipped strawberries: "NO!" The tears flowed. He was tired, frustrated and hungry. At this point, we have to allow him to work through his emotions. Before too long, he was able to join us. In stark contrast, he later shared with us that he was grateful that we had such a nice meal despite it not being his favorite choices.

We pray that he will remain seizure free. Home life is much better. School is going well. He made straight A's! He continues to thirst for more academically. Mrs. B told me that they began a lesson on rocks today and Evan was asking some tough questions. He loves to do Drew's homework. He is always multiplying things around him. He is a funny little kid!

Thanks to you for all your support. We couldn't do this alone. God is so good!


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