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Thursday, November 03, 2005


Lindsay dressed up as Belle for her school party on Friday. Her dress was itchy but she endured. She mentioned to me that I was the only mom who didn't attend the party. I felt terrible but justified. I just couldn't see how I could work it in. She goes to school at 8:30. The party was at 9:30. She gets out of school at 11:30. That doesn't leave much time for cleaning and preparing for Homcoming company. I baked pumpkin cookies for the party and Lindsay was grateful for that but next time she wants me to go to the party.
For Halloween, Snow White and I went to the museum for our weekly mommy and me class. Lindsay goes to the big kid class now. Last week, we learned about apples, gourds and pumpkins. The kids tasted several types of apples including dried apples (my favorite). They carved a pumpkin and ate baked pumpkin seeds. They even learned about the uses of gourds in Early America. The lesson this week was about spiders, insects and other creepy crawlers. I was pretty much grossed out the whole time. The kids got to pet a tarantula, centipede and best of all.... race hissing cockroaches! As you can see in the picture, Snow White kept her distance from the roaches. Smart Princess!! Later Halloween night, we went to church for the annual Harvest Hoedown, Drew refused to dress up. He said he was going as a nerd. Evan was an old man again. Lindsay wanted to be a cat again because it was cool outside (and it is more comfortable). There were so many fun games to play. Unfortunately, we got a lot of the candy back that we donated.
We ended the night at the Gohrings house. The kids liked their stash of candy the best. They had the good stuff including hot tamales. Lindsay loved playing with the doll house and the dog. Evan liked meeting some new folks. Drew was mesmerized by Jan and her ability to sign so quickly. He asked if we could learn sign language. Sounds like a good summer project to me! I reminded him that he signed as a baby before he could talk. We tried to remember some of the signs that he used. We decided that we still use a lot of those signs even today.


At 11/03/2005 5:47 PM, Blogger Momma G said...

I would love to teach the kids to sign during the summer.

When chemo is over.... I plan on teaching Sign Language at the Center again. I'm hoping to start in September 2006. He would be welcome to join us there.

At 11/03/2005 10:31 PM, Blogger brithood said...

How fun to learn sign . . . I hope they can do that!

Oh, and I still hate itchey clothes!!! :)


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