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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Who's that kid?

Today, I had finally had it with Drew's long hair. I have been telling him that he REALLY needed a haircut. He likes a buzz in the summer so I thought why not a few weeks early. He would teeter back and forth and always ended up backing out. I guess it's my pride but I wanted him to look nice for the state Bible Drill competition a few weeks ago. I decided that was a battle I didn't need to fight. The fact that he worked so hard to learn all the information was enough to satisfy me for the time. I thought it would be nice for him to cut his hair before he sang in church last Sunday. His role in the production of Donkeytales was that of a wounded man so I let the haircut issue slide. He wanted to look the part of a rough character. Drew has been the 3rd base coach for Evan's baseball team this season. Yesterday after the game, he was so sweaty and his hair was stuck to his head. It not only looked yucky. I bet it felt gross too! I'd tolerated as much as I could.

So, today when he got home from school, I said "you really have to have your hair cut" and I meant it this time. In the back of my mind, I was thinking about Awards Day, Commended Performance, field day and those other end of the year things that all the other parents attend. I didn't want the other parents thinking I didn't know my kid needed a haircut. (pride)

So, he agreed that field day would be much cooler without a mop sitting on his head. The next problem: He didn't want to go to a barber. I think the fact that the barber Mark takes him to is missing an ear really freaks him out. I think he thinks he may leave there looking like the barber. At this point I am wondering if the kid still has ears because it has been a long time since I've seen them.

So, despite the fact that I had no idea what I was doing, I agreed to buzz the kids head. The whole time I'm going "I don't know what I am doing here buddy." And he is saying "it's easy Mom, just pick it up and cut it off." Well, things don't really go as planned. I got a lot of the length off and then FREAKED OUT!! I realized I had no idea what to do next. I again offered to take him somewhere to get it fixed. Meanwhile, his hair looked like a blindman took a weedeater to it. It was terrible. I thought I could make it a little better but I was afraid to touch it anymore and he didn't want me anywhere near it either.

He was screaming something about never going back to school and I was almost in tears. I called Mark and told him we had an emergency at home. He tried to calm me down but every time I saw that poor boys head, I felt terrible. That long hair wasn't so bad. This was bad!

When Mark got home, he tried to convince both of us that it wasn't so bad. Ha! We both knew the truth. Drew reluctantly let Mark "work on it." It's better. That is not saying much. So if you see Drew, please be kind. I feel terrible that he has to face all his friends and maybe not so friendly kids at school tomorrow. Too bad hats aren't allowed at school. If only I'd let him wait 7 more days until school was out! I'm sure he will always remember this day! Way to go, Mom!


At 5/16/2007 10:50 AM, Blogger texasinafrica said...

Oh, yikes! Don't be too hard on yourself. He looks fine from that angle. :)

At 5/24/2007 10:08 AM, Anonymous Cliff said...

I wrote a long comment on this last week, but somehow it didn't post. I liked his hair longer, it looks good.


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