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Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter

Lots of planning goes into the annual Easter outfit but this year, we should have made our selections from the winter clearance racks. The girls were brave and wore their sleeveless dresses despite the weather. We roasted marshmellows in the fireplace and had Easter smores. We had no electricity Saturday night or Sunday morning before church. I'd have to say this was the strangest Easter I have ever experienced.
We had to wake Evan up but we knew he would be sad later if he missed out on building a Snow Bunny with his cousins!! We were not prepared for snow. We had no gloves, no hats and just a few light jackets. The kids didn't last long outside.

Salado was a beautiful place to spend Easter. The golf course provided lots of room for snow ball fights and "ice skating" on the greens. This picture reminds me more of Colorado than Easter time in Texas.


At 4/11/2007 5:35 PM, Anonymous B.Hood said...

Your kids look so cute in their Easter stuff!!

At 4/12/2007 9:12 PM, Anonymous B.Hood said...

Donuts sound YUMMY!

At 4/13/2007 4:38 PM, Blogger Teresa said...

Cute outfits! And nice snowman :)


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