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Friday, January 11, 2008


Getting around to blogging just hasn't come easily.

Here's the scoop: I went school at 8 this morning. I spent all day working on PTA stuff. I didn't even make it to the grocery store or to get gas-both of which are easier WITHOUT kids! I did get a special treat today. I got to see an old friend who is visiting from Germany. She and her husband and two girls serve the needs of missionaries over yonder. I love to see how God is using people all over the world.

We are glad the weekend is here. Well, sort of. I work at Providence this weekend. Mark has to be Superdad for a few days.
All three kids are playing Upward Basketball. We seem to always be at a games or practice. I can't imagine what we used to do on the weekends before we had kids?

Evan has had some good days but he is still struggling. School seems to be a thorn in his side. It's safe to say he is already looking forward to summer break. We are still trusting that God will heal him.


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