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Monday, March 03, 2008

Prison Break

We've returned from prison. We went on a choir mission trip with 70+ members of our church. What an amazing trip! It's taken me a little while to reflect on the impact that the trip has had on my life. I can't imagine life behind locked gates and razor ribbon. I wonder about the stories behind each inmate. Did some of them even have a chance in life? Did they grow up with drugs scattered around their homes? Were they born with drugs flowing through their veins? At the first couple of units, I tried not to make eye contact with the prisoners. I didn't want to see their pain. As the weekend went on, I realized that most of these inmates loved being at our concerts and came to worship. I'm sure there were still many cons there but there were also those who had an evident relationship with God and love for their fellow Christians. The spirit of God was so evident at many of the units. This trip has changed me. I'm not sure how, but it has.

We enjoyed spending time with friends without having to worry about kids. When asked about my favorite part of the trip, I was trying to think of something spiritual. Now that I've had some time to think about it, my favorite memories are not spiritual at all. I loved sitting at IHOP at 10 PM laughing like teenagers. Playing Farkel in a box on the bus was pretty fun too. Learning bathroom protocol for large groups of women trying to use two stalls was a life lesson I will not soon forget.

We are grateful for Meme and Papaw for spending some quality grandparent time with D, E and L.

The trip was smooth sailing--until a buzzard decided to try to join us for the last leg of the trip!

Now back to the real world.


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