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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Any poker players out there? Apparently, yes. It seems like every night it's on either espn, espn2, or some other cable network. If it's on espn, does that make it a sport? I thought you had to at least move for it to be considered a sport.

I just don't get the poker craze. How exciting is it to watch people shuffle cards? I noticed in my pre-Super Bowl surfing that poker even made it off cable to NBC! Then again, before I played golf, I could turn a golf tournament on on Sunday afternoons to guarantee myself a nap.

We went to a Super Bowl party and the guys were playing poker. They tried to get me to play. I can never remember what hand beats what and I don't understand the new lingo- river, flop, backdoor, etc.- so I chose not to play. (Maybe I should take a laptop- I could have looked here for a glossary or a ranking of hands.) Even though it was only a few bucks, I would have been better off just handing it over before the cards were dealt.


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