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Monday, February 07, 2005


The Dad took Stephanie to a party at Kidzville on Saturday. Stephanie doesn't like The Dad to put her to bed most nights, or bathe her, or get her out of the car, or some days, to even look at her. However, she insisted that The Dad take her to the party. Kids are a mystery.

Anyway, it put The Dad in the awkward position of trying to chat it up with moms that he didn't know. The only other dads were family that had their own things going on. That didn't go so well, so he spent some time checking up on his email, sitting around, watching Stephanie and her friends. Stephanie was having too much fun with friends to care what The Dad was doing.

Kidzville is basically a big indoor playground where you can pay exorbitant fees to have your child's birthday party (or go for slightly less for "open play.") I made two interesting observations (at least I think they are interesting, since I put them in this blog):

1. Stephanie wanted to ride a little mechanical horse or car or something- I don't even remember now. Besides the fact that I had no quarters, I told her that I had philosophical issues with going to a play place that charges you $5/kid (for open play) to get into and then they expect you to shell out additional coin for such a trivial ride. Once I explained that to her, she, of course, understood completely.

2. When my kids are teens they will definitely work there. There are several 15-16-ish year olds working there to help keep control and work in the "party rooms." After a long day working there around several dozen noisy, running, screaming, crying, spitting up, dirty diaper-ing, messy (and expecting you to clean up), etc. kids, how could they possibly leave and even think about doing the act that might actually produce one of these creatures. It seems to me to be the perfect birth control!

Of course, I love my three and Stephanie didn't do any of those things...


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